Happy Dog Kitchen was established in March 2017, previously known as Happy Dog Barkery since April 2004. Happy Dog Barkery has been creating and selling dog treats, cakes and stews, freshly made in our on-site kitchen since it was opened. In 2015, we started selling more and more of our treats to wholesale customers.

Due to the rapid growth in 2016, it was decided to operate Happy Dog Kitchen as a separate entity to better serve our wholesale customers.

Sisters Beth & Cheryl Staley - Happy Dog Kitchen

Sisters Beth and Cheryl Staley are the owners of Happy Dog Kitchen and are directly involved in the day-to-day operations. Both come from corporate backgrounds when they decided to open Happy Dog Barkery back in 2004.

Beth is the creative person behind the treats (along with a talented team of bakers and decorators). She is active in rescue groups and besides her own dogs, you will frequently find a foster dog on site with her. She and her husband have fostered over 100 dogs for various rescue groups. Her dream is to have a rescue farm for senior and special needs dogs.

Cheryl is the back-office/financial person who handles all the paperwork. She loves the paperwork! Cheryl is owned by her dog Otis and her cats Oscar and Elsa.

The aim of Happy Dog Kitchen is to provide your store with quality treats that you can sell to your dog customers and have them come back begging for more.